Most Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy and Chiropractic


Starting today, I am posting some of the emails and questions that I receive from chiropractors who are sprinkled all over the planet.  I think there are a lot of doctors out there with the same questions, so why not spread the info far and wide?  If you have a question about pregnancy and chiropractic, you may find your answer here.  If you don’t find the answer here,  feel free to reply to this blog or send me a private e-mail at and be sure to put BLOG Q&A in the subject header so I can make your email my top priority.  

Here’s the first Q&A:

 Hi Dr. Karen,

I have a question regarding childbirth educators and doulas. I live in a large town for North Dakota, but as for midwifery and doulas, there’s not much information. How do I find out who and where they are? I’m assuming word of mouth – they’re not listed on MANA or anything. Also, for childbirth educators through our local hospital, how do I approach them – or shouldn’t I?? Also, should I be sending anything to pediatricians with my focus being on family wellness???

Thanks so much for your time, Karen. I truly appreciate and I really hope I have the opportunity to meet you someday!!

Dr. Tiffany

Hi Dr. Tiffany,

I really admire your enthusiasm! You are going to be a huge success, I can tell.

As far as locating people in your area, try the internet. Do a search for Midwives and doulas in your town and others nearby. There is an association called DONA (Doulas of North America) look that up and see who is in your area.

Once you find some doulas, ask them which midwives and OBs they like to work with. They’ll have a good idea of who has a more natural approach and open to working with a chiropractor. There’s a letter in my marketing manual that you can send out to introduce yourself, so use that to get the word out.

As far as building a family practice, instead of asking the medically trained pediatricians, ask your practice members. If you are going to adjust pregnant women, they will have families in 9 months or less. Instant doubling of your practice! Make sense?

However, if there is a really cool pediatrician in your area who is open to alternatives to drugs, by all means reach out.

Keep up the great work! I am really proud of you. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin though, OK?

Love & Gratitude

Dr. Karen

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Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow…I’ve learned so much and I’m only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

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