Pregnant Women are everywhere and they need chiropractic!

WOW!  I was swamped this week with moms-to-be.  85% of my patient visits this week were for pregnant women in need of chiropractic care.  ALL of my new patients were pregnant ladies.  ALL of them. 

The number one reason my practice is full of mommies and babies is because the Midwife with whom I work closely (Barbara), LOVES and UNDERSTANDS the need for chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy. She recommends that ALL of her patients undergo chiropractic care with ME to help ensure the best chances of an easier labor and childbirth experience.  She and her entire staff get adjusted, by yours truly, and they ALL talk about chiropractic care to all of the patients of the birth center.  

Many times, my coaching clients and docs who have taken my courses or bought my books will ask me “HOW do I get midwives or other birth professionals to refer to me?”

The best answer I can give is, it takes time and trust.  I’ve known Barbara for more than 17 years (update – more than 22 years,now) and have developed a truly wonderful and rewarding relationship with her.  She trusts me implicitly with her patients because she knows I know what I’m doing.  I speak HER language.  I know what happens with an OP presentation and why (and what to look for in the mom so I can affect a change).  When she tells me they had to transfer a patient because she was GBS+ and had a PROM, I know what she means.  

So doctor…do you know what these things mean?  Do you speak “their” language to instill trust?  Can you teach them how and why to refer to you using “their” terminology?  

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Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow…I’ve learned so much and I’m only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

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