Q&A Adjusting during labor and the newborn

Hi Dr. Karen:
I registered for your course and am enjoying it very much, thanks!  I had a couple questions that I wondered if you could answer.
At what point in the labor process do you decide to go to the patient, vs having them come to you?  I’m thinking more about home births here, since I have a large percentage of those in my practice.
And what do you do about adjusting the newborn when you attend a birth?  Do you do that right away, and do you charge separately for that?
Thanks so much for your insight!
Dr. Carolyn
Dr. Carolyn,
I am so happy you are enjoying everything!  Thanks for letting me know.  Thanks also for asking some great questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.
Now…in early labor a mom ALWAYS comes to me.  This stage can go on for days.  I have found that when adjusted it helps to speed things along.  When she is in full blown labor (contractions are 2 minutes apart) that is typically when I would go to them.  They are pretty much in no mood to travel anyway so it works out. I no longer attend births for a variety of reasons so I am sharing what I used to do MANY years ago. 
I adjust the baby after the cord has stopped pulsing and after the cord is cut.  I also let mom get attended to before I check the baby.  Usually within the first 20 minutes after birth is when I check to see if the baby needs to be adjusted.
Usually the first adjustment is included in their pregnancy care plan, so if they have paid for a plan then I do not charge for this service.  If not, it depends on the circumstance whether or not I charge.
To be honest, I am usually so overwhelmed with emotion at a birth and I usually say this is my birthday gift to baby and don’t charge anyway…bad business maybe, but that’s just me. Again, this was EONS ago. 
I hope this helped.  Let me know if you need anything else form my end.  Have FUN!!

Love & Gratitude

Dr. Karen Gardner

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Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow…I’ve learned so much and I’m only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

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