Q&A Maternity support bands for SI pain while the baby is breech.

This Question comes from a DC who is expecting. She has bilateral SI joint and pubic bone pain. She is also carrying breech. 

Hi D,. Karen,

If I am having bilateral SI pain as well as pubic symphisis pain, would it be ok to use the SI maternity lock brace even if my baby is breech?  It has two parts, one that goes around the SI’s and one that goes just under the belly for a little extra support.  I have been using just the under the belly support part only sometimes, but it does not seem to help at all.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for all of your help.
Hi Kim,
Ask your midwives if they have experience w/ puslatilla (a homeopathic remedy).  This can persuade the baby to be more cooperative.  If a version has to be done, this can often make it easier. 
Are you getting your pubic bone adjusted?  It sounds like you are having quite an issue with that. 
DO NOT wear a belt until the baby turns.  I know it can bring relief to the instability of the SI joints, but it can also constrict the baby.  If the baby was vertex….no problem. You can try a trochanter belt, however, as this will hold things together a little better w/o further constraining your baby. Once the baby is vertex, this is the band I would recommend.  Email me if you’d like to learn about professional pricing for DC’s.
Additionally, try SOT blocking for the SI joints.  It works very well during pregnancy.  
Good Luck! 
Love & Gratitude

Dr. Karen Gardner

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