Q&A Sternum Pain during pregnancy

Hi Karen – my sister is pregnant (week 30) and she is having numbness and pain in her lower sternum that is worse while sleeping.  The only way she is getting sleep is propped up to an almost sitting position.  She is local and I adjust her.  Any thoughts?
Thanks much!

Hi Dr. Tim,
Thanks for sending your question.  2 things come to mind immediately. 

1.    She may have a rib head out…check that both anteriorly and posteriorly.
2.    The baby is exerting pressure upward (Is the baby breech by any chance?) It could be a foot as well pushing upward and causing mom agony in the form of a pseudo hiatal hernia. 
If it’s #1, obviously “adjusting” her rib heads will make all of the difference.
If it’s #2, do the maneuver found on page 35 of my book Pre-Natal Chiropractic Care. 
If sleeping up right gives her relief I am more inclined to believe it’s not a rib head, but check it anyway.
I hope this helps.  Reassure your sister than when the baby engages lowere into the pelvis all of this discomfort should go away. 
Let me know how it goes.

Love & Gratitude

Dr. Karen Gardner

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Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow…I’ve learned so much and I’m only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

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