Are you one of MANY prenatal chiropractors or THE prenatal chiropractor in your town?

Over the past 2 months, I have had about 50 phone calls with doctors who want to be pregnancy care doctors. MANY of them already invested a ton of time and money to become a pregnancy care doctor (even certified in various techniques and programs). Yet, they confessed they are still stuck where they were before they started the whole process.
Here’s what I learned from these calls.
  • Even though these docs learned some great info, they are stuck in how to leverage this training to actually build their pregnancy practices. They feel like, “Thanks. Now what do I do?”
  • Most docs that I spoke to, felt that the programs they took fell short in the area of building a pregnancy practice. There was some info on prenatal care, but nothing on how to share this knowledge and promote themselves as prenatal care docs.
  • Many docs shared that the pediatric portion of various programs was stellar, but the prenatal portions left them wanting for more. They left wanting more case management and are looking elsewhere for that information – even after spending LOADS of time and money.
  • Many docs paid for programs that didn’t give them what they thought they were paying for… which left a bad taste in their mouths. I learned that some programs were just PPT presentations and nothing more.
  • New docs coming out of school were very discouraged because they didn’t learn what they needed in school in in these other programs. 

Do any of these ring true for you? Are you disappointed in the information (or lack thereof) that you paid for and received in building growing and perfecting your pregnancy practice?  

If any of these sounds familiar, let’s strategize and figure out how to enhance and use the information you already have to make you a standout pregnancy care chiropractor in your town.
Learn how to be THE pregnancy chiropractor, not just another one. 
Schedule a call I’d be honored to talk with you!

Watch a the FREE replay of the 4 Step Framework to Becoming THE Pregnancy Chiropractor in your town. 

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