Building a Pregnancy Niche (Part 1 of 4)

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Building a Pregnancy Niche
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Part 1 of 4
Press Releases & FREE Advertising
Remember newspapers? They seem to be a thing of the past when it comes to a source of news for most people. BUT – press releases can be used in the exact same way they that used to be and forwarded to ONLINE outlets with the same (or better) results. 

If you belong to the Premier Pregnancy Practice  – Elite or the Premier Pregnancy Practice – Practice Building Edition, you already have access to dozens of press releases already written for you – waiting to be customized with your contact information.

Important things to realize about Press Releases no matter the outlet  

  • There is a format to follow – Follow this format. Always. 
    • 3 ### at the bottom center of the page.  
    • THIS IS THE FORMAT that will put you on the top of the pile.

  •  What do I mean by pile?   
    •  Your press release will ONLY be put in the paper (or magazine, or online, or wherever) when there’s physical room for it.  
    • These companies sell ADS FIRST.  This is their bread and butter.  
    • Once all of the ads are sold and placed, they then fill in the “blanks” with news. 
    •  They get their news, from The Associated Press, their reporters, free lance reporters and press releases. 
  • The publication will then go through their pile of news and put in timely news first…this includes your press release. 
    •  For example: EVERY year after Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France, (before the scandal) we submitted a press release regarding his use of chiropractic care and how that helped achieve excellence….again, this was before the scandal. 
    • This was EXTREMELY timely and was ALWAYS published.  It probably wouldn’t have been if we sent it in during the Super Bowl.  Make sense?
  • Timely Press Releases with the correct format go to top. 
  • What’s timely?
    •  Back to school
    •  Back pack safety
    •  Vaccine laws
    • Tiger Woods
  • Other relevant info you can turn into a press release.
    • Seminar you just took to increase your knowledge in the special care of ….
    • Local doctor donates $2000 to homeless shelter (put your info in there about your open house proceeds being donated)
    • Silent auction raises $5000 for local family who lost their home to fire. 
    • Local Brownie leader (Scout leader) takes her troop to _____________. 
  • NEVER advertise you or your service in a press release.  That will get you into a different pile where you will be hounded to place ads in that publication.
  • Pictures help to get you noticed… send them in. (E-mail is best for this)
  • Get e-mail addresses.  Nowadays, digital stuff is the ONLY format these outlets will accept because it’s easier. Make sure you make it easy for them.  It increases your chances of getting picked up.  Make sense?
  •  Keep press releases and re-send if they haven’t been picked up.  
    • If your press released on Back to School whatever isn’t placed this year, use it for next year.  It’s possible that there just wasn’t room for it so it wasn’t printed. 
  • Once you identify yourself as a good source of info….your name alone will get you to the top of the pile. 
  • Once at the top of the pile, don’t be surprised if they CALL YOU to ask for story ideas, articles and editorials.  They do it me all of the time. 
  •  Also, don’t be surprised when a reporter calls you and wants to do an interview.  They shouldcall you for follow up info.  Your press release is essentially an invitation for them to call you.
  • Invite them to your office for the interview…even if your press release is about Girl Scouts. 
    • They will take pictures of you IN YOUR OFFICE.  That’s advertising, but it’s the reporter doing it and NOT you, so it will be put in.
    • Having a picture of you adjusting would be awesome! 
  • When sending out Press releases, don’t forget radio, local cable and TV as well.  
    • ONLY send to them if you want to be on the air.  If this thought freaks you out, don’t do it.  But if you want to be seen and heard, then by all means. DO it.
  • You can tweak your press release into a new Blog post to reach more people. Do that. Share it on social media – make it public.

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