Building a Pregnancy Niche (part 2 of 4)

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Building a Pregnancy Niche
Part 2 of 4

Talk about Benefits NOT Features

First Of All, You Need To Put Together A Brochure Or A Single Page Of  (I like rack cards) Info Of The Service You Offer And Their Benefits.

Let’s say I am a car dealer and I want to sell more cars equipped with On-Star.  I can say “Joe, when you buy this model, you will get On-star at no additional cost.”  Joe may or may not be moved to make that purchase.

What if the car dealer listed the benefits of on-star like this. ….

“Joe, I know you are a father and as a father you must worry about your daughter when she is driving, right?  Well, Joe, this car comes with on-star.  With On-star, you’re daughter will NEVER be alone.  She will on-star if she ever need assistance.  Now, Joe, let’s say you’re daughter is driving through Philadelphia on her way home from college and gets a flat tire in a not so savory neighborhood.  On-star, will not only pin point her location, but will dispatch help immediately so your daughter is not waiting around for the auto club to show up.  Doesn’t that help to put you at ease?   So Joe, these models here are a little more expensive, but they ALL have On-star.  Which car would you like, Joe? “

Do you see how benefits can make a BIG difference?  You must list benefits. 

If you want some help in figuring out how to relate the benefits of chiropractic care in your office to your patients and potential new patients, let’s chat about that!

Book your free strategy session and let’s get started!

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