Building a Pregnancy Niche (Part 4 of 4)

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Building a Pregnancy Niche
Part 4 of 4

Have you ever watched an infomercial?  These mini-programs are pure marketing genius. Here’s what I mean:

  • They ALL list benefits of the product. Sure they mention what this “thing” does, BUT they also tell you WHY & HOW this “thing” will improve your life.
  • They ALL include testimonials from real people – the host of the “show” talks bout benefits and feature and then, satisfied customers relate their own personal experience how how the “thing” benefited their lives. 

Infomercials are all EXACTLY the same for a reason.  Because they work.  Millions of dollars have been spent by these companies in market research.  Use their tools to work for you. 
I was watching about a cordless sweeper on day.  Of course they demonstrated it’s effectiveness on pet hair and paper clips.  But that’s not a benefit is it?  It’s supposed to suck things off of the floor. 

The benefit portion of the infomercial came when the old lady with crippling rheumatoid arthritis was able to maneuver this sweeper under chairs without moving them.  

When the toddler disassembled the handle to make it a hand held version of the same sweeper for the stairs, we got the idea that it was easy to use.

The mother or 4 was using it with one hand, while holding an infant in the other arm and talking on the phone.  She said, it’s so quite and easy to use…I love it!

You see these marketing geniuses are not telling you of the benefits of their own product.  Real, satisfied customers are telling you.  Of course the company paying for the ad will say it’s a great product…they want to sell it to you.  But when an unbiased 3rd party shares their views and comments, it is now more believable.  Get it?  

In your practice, your patient or an OB or Midwife might not necessarily take your word for it when you say you are very experienced with the special concerns of pregnant women…. but they will believe the women who have given you testimonials of their experiences in your office. 

If you need help in asking for testimonials and using them to showcase your pregnancy practice, let’s chat. Book your free strategy session and figure this out! 

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