Top 5 Reasons (Part 2) you aren’t building your pregnancy practice

Since creating the Premier Pregnancy Practice
in early 2018, I have spoken to hundreds of chiropractors world wide and I’ve learned a lot about pregnancy practices all over the planet.

Here’s what I discovered so far. Almost ALL of the doctors struggling in their pregnancy practices are struggling for the SAME five reasons and ALL of these reasons are a bunch of hooey!

The first “reason” is that many doctors believe that the midwives in their town ALREADY have a pregnancy care chiropractor to refer patients.

The Second “reason” I hear a lot is …. “I don’t know any midwives”
Here’s why THAT “reason”is a bunch of hooey
  • Who do you know that DOES know a midwife?
  • Again, what about OTHER practitioners?
  • Doulas
  • Massage Therapists
  • OB/GYNs
  • Lactation consultants
  • Childbirth educators
  • Yoga instructors
  • Pelvic Floor therapists
  • yada yada yada – you get the idea.
  • What about specialty stores (maternity stores for example) that cater to pregnant women?
  • Don’t forget classes and workshops. Go to them or, better yet, host them in your office.
  • There are LOADS of other people you can connect with who aren’t midwives – think outside the box.
See? A bunch of HOOEY!
Have a great day!

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