Top 5 Reasons (Part 4) you aren’t building your pregnancy practice

Since creating the Premier Pregnancy Practice
in early 2018, I have spoken to hundreds of chiropractors world wide and I’ve learned a lot about pregnancy practices all over the planet.
Here’s what I discovered so far. Almost ALL of the doctors struggling in their pregnancy practices are struggling for the SAME five reasons and ALL of these reasons are a bunch of hooey!
The first “reason” is that many doctors believe that the midwives in their town ALREADY have a pregnancy care chiropractor to refer patients.
The Second “reason” I hear a lot is …. “I don’t know any midwives”
The Third “reason” I will discuss is…. OB’s don’t refer to chiropractors
The Fourth “reason” is …..I don’t have to do much because I’m certified in this or that and I’m on a list….”
Here’s why THAT “reason”is a bunch of hooey
  • Many certifications don’t mean a lot to pregnant women or their caregivers. THEY are not educated as to what that means. So, it does nothing for your practice.
  • I hear from docs all of the time that they thought they’d get A or B from certification, but left the seminars they attended with nothing to show for it – no real changes in strategy or clinical skill and surely no more confidence than before.
  • I know that’s not true for everyone. No commentary necessary
  • I also know that is IS true for a lot of the doctors I spoke to.
  • Having a certification is great. Don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t help you when you are on a list with dozens of other doctors in your town who are also certified.
  • Being one of many, does not grow your practice
  • Having clinical excellence, experience, and confidence will make you stand out – whether or not you’re certified in a technique.
See? A bunch of HOOEY!
Have a great day!

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