Top 5 Reasons (Part 5) you aren’t building your pregnancy practice (part 5 of 5)

Since creating the Premier Pregnancy Practice
in early 2018, I have spoken to hundreds of chiropractors world wide and I’ve learned a lot about pregnancy practices all over the planet.
Here’s what I discovered so far. Almost ALL of the doctors struggling in their pregnancy practices are struggling for the SAME five reasons and ALL of these reasons are a bunch of hooey!
The first “reason” is that many doctors believe that the midwives in their town ALREADY have a pregnancy care chiropractor to refer patients.
The Second “reason” I hear a lot is …. “I don’t know any midwives”
The Third “reason” I will discuss is…. OB’s don’t refer to chiropractors
The Fourth “reason” is …..I don’t have to do much because I’m certified in this or that and I’m on a list….”
The Fifth “reason” is There are already so many pregnancy chiropractors in my town.
Here’s why THAT “reason”is a bunch of hooey
  • So what? Have you ever been to a medical building next to the hospital that’s 5 floors high with 60 doctor’s office on each floor?
  • Talk about saturation….yet, the dermatologist (one of 112) that you are going to see to have that wart frozen off your son’s hand, is in there and you found her (and not the other ones) because your neighbor thought she was great and highly recommended her. Get it?
  • Learn how to be that doctor that EVERYONE in your town knows and refers to.
  • Re-read the last 4 emails in this series for a refresher on how to do that.
  • ask for help if you need it.
  • Be THE pregnancy chiropractor in your town….not just another one.
See? A bunch of HOOEY!
Have a great day!

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