How to Bring More Moms to be into your Practice (Part 1 of 4)

How To Bring More Moms-To-Be Into Your Practice  

Since I started the Premier Pregnancy Practice, I get emails, phone calls, and instant messages from doctors all over the planet asking about how to get more moms in the office.  Let’s take a look at this.
I’d like to remind you that I am so happy & honored to share with you some key points in pregnancy care and how to build a pregnancy care practice.
Like you, I am always striving to improve and upgrade myself and my practice so I study a lot.  Lately I have been studying the art of marketing and promoting business.  Yes, we are business men and women…we also happen to be doctors of chiropractic, but really we are in business.
So , it’s really important to learn about promoting a business. Ready?
Let’s look at some basics:
  1. Finding your why.
  2. With whom you need to develop relationships in your community.
  3. Reputation.
  4. Press releases.
Finding your why
When I talk to members of of the Premier Pregnancy Practice, I always get the same questions from them.  Karen, how do I get more moms to be in my office?  How do I start a relationship with the midwives in my town?  Who should I ask for referrals?  My first question I ask is WHY do you want to serve more moms to be?  No matter what your goal, be it personal or professional, unless you can answer the “why”, chances are you will have TOUGH TIME reaching your goals.
Let’s start with identifying your why.
Just returning to practice after being out for 5 years while raising kids.  She was back in the office and requested my help to help her get started again.  Lucy didn’t have a why when I first asked her.  When I asked her why she wanted to see the # of visits she chose, her answer was because that’s how many she thinks she can comfortably see during the hours that she works.  Now, please don’t misunderstand, I am not trying to make her wrong in any way I’m just trying to demonstrate why the WHY is so vitally important.  Then after 2 months of soul searching, she told me she found her why…she discovered she’d like to go on a vacation.
Ethel on the other hand, was rock bottom.  She was either going to make it or quit.  She HAD to be profitable or else.  Things got so bad for her, she had to borrow over $20,000 last year from her mom just to keep her practice afloat.  Then her dad just died.  When I asked her to tell me her why she shared she wanted to pay back her mom all of the money she has borrowed over the years and then take her on the vacation of her dreams.
Who do you think doubled her practice this year? Who do you think was able to build a pregnancy niche in her community?
Now they both received the same instruction, coaching and materials from me, but only one was extremely pro-active AND successful because she has a strong enough “why”.  Make sense?  She wanted to win when the other doc was just trying not to lose.  There is a difference.
What’s YOUR why? Is it to win big or just not to lose? Do you need help with finding your why? Let’s chat and figure that out together. Schedule a free strategy session. .

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