How to Bring More Moms to be into your Practice (Part 3 of 4)

Obviously you reading part 3 of this post because you want to learn about building your pregnancy niche. 
Why?  Why are you spending your valuable time reading this?  Why do you feel I have something to offer to you?  Chances are we have never even met, yet for some reason you are here reading my blog, right?  Maybe even taking notes….but why?
The truth is I have built up a reputation with you somehow, yes or yes?  This reputation came from nothing other than repetition.  From my printed and audio materials, e-mails, newsletters and courses, lectures, you learned about me and pregnancy chiropractic, right? 
Guess what, this is exactly what you must do in your own community to gain credibility.  Make sense?  You must build your own reputation through repetition. 
Now of course you are asking “HOW?” right? 
There are so many ways to do this, But I am going to share with you my favorites.  
Getting known locally as a pregnancy care specialist was kind of accidental, to be completely honest.  First, I got pregnant and sought the care of a local midwife.  Through this relationship we shared our thoughts and philosophies regarding the wonders of the human body and the power of a chiropractic adjustment.  Within short order, she started to refer her patients to me for chiropractic care.  After a while, she told her business partner and she, too started to refer patients to me.  Then their back up doctor asked these midwives why their c-section rate was so low.  Their combined reply consisted of these two words, “Dr. Karen”.   He soon started to send us his patients as well.  Very shortly thereafter, other OB/GYNS in our community followed suit.   In our case, our reputation for professional, caring and precision care “got around” and that is what started the whole process.
My midwives and doulas that I work with wrote an awesome letter that was sent to the doctors they work with.  You can imagine the effect a letter like this can have on credibility ratings.  Meanwhile, you can ask people you know to do write a letter.   If they are too busy, write the letter for them and ask them to OK it then sign it.  It doesn’t have to be a midwife either.  It can be one of your pregnant practice members who thinks you’re the greatest.  Have them write a testimonial and include it in their recommendation letter.  If you purchased my complete program you can use the pregnancy testimonial form that is already on the marketing diskette. 
Find out which Obs and midwives are open to chiropractic and target them.  We’ll go into getting other professionals to refer to you in another CD because there is so much to share on that topic.
Just know that just as you target referrals in your own practice form your favorite practice members, you should do the same with other professionals, make sense?  You don’t want to waste any of your time or money on people who poo poo chiropractic. 

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