How to Bring More Moms to be into your Practice (Part 4 of 4)

Track 5
Press releases
Press releases are a great and FREE way to get noticed in your community.  Whenever you do anything that is news worthy, write a press release. 
Give examples here
By the way, for those members of my coaching club at the platinum level, you will receive a press release each and every month that you can edit w/ your own info and send out to your local media.  If you are not currently enrolled in my coaching club, check it out.  I have totally revised my coaching programs to offer 3 different levels of involvement to better suit more people.  Check it out on my website to learn more. 
So, with whom do you need to develop relationships?
  1. Midwives
  2. Doulas (DONA) 2 types..explain
  3. Childbirth educators.  You can locate a Bradley Method instructor in your phone book or online at .   or call 1-800-4-a-birth you may also look under the heading of The American Academy of Husband based childbirth.   (give talk on how to increase your chances of a natural childbirth experience)
  4. Massage Therapists
  5. Ob/Gyns
how do I start these relationships.  I will discuss this info in detail on the CD on marketing to professionals.

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