Dr. Karen Gardner graduated from Life College in 1993. She practices in both Bucks and Montgomery counties, Pennsylvania in a family practice which focuses its attention on children and pregnant women. Although she is considered by many in her community to be a pregnancy and family care specialist she enjoys caring for the entire family. 

Among dozens of other locations, Dr. Gardner has guest lectured at The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia on the importance of Chiropractic care during pregnancy, labor and the  postpartum period. Dr. Karen has, on more than one occasion, been a featured guest speaker for the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) on Optimal Fetal Positioning at Penn State and other locations.  She also spoke for the Florida Chiropractic Society on Prenatal Chiropractic care during their “Pediatric Extravaganza” in Palm Beach, FL.  Dr. Karen has been invited to speak at the Philadelphia Conference for Midwifery Today Magazine and is continually featured in many chiropractic, pregnancy and midwifery publications.

Dr. Gardner is happily married to Scott and has two beautiful children, Amanda and Christopher; both born naturally  and with the aid of the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Christopher’s birth was featured on The Learning Channel “A Baby Story”. He was born at home, in a hot tub.

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