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I am asked all of the time what program do I use for online scheduling or what’s my favorite app for this, that, and the other thing. I’ve decided to put all of my favorite things on this page for easy reference.

Click the links, browse around, and ask me questions if you have have any. I hope you’ll come to like the companies and their products I use as much as I do.

Feel free to read my disclosure about this and other recommendations, as well.

Social Media Marketing calendar

Many doctors I speak with regularly seem a little overwhelmed with posting on social media and marketing their practices through various means. If that sounds familiar, the 2021 Pregnancy Chiropractic Marketing calendar is exactly what you need.

366 ideas (remember it’s Leap Year!) to build and grow your practice every day of 2020.

Learn what to post on social media, what to promote in your office, how to engage your patients/followers, how to stay up to date and more!

Text from Computer

As a “one woman show” I don’t have the time or the resources to monitor my cell phone for incoming messages, nor do I want to spend hours replying, and following up with my patients. Mighty Text solves so many issues for me.

For instance, I can group message 25 people at a time, but each text is sent individually. I can create templates to follow up after a first appointment, or a missed appointment. But, the best part, I think, is that I can SCHEDULE a text to go out in the future. This morning, for example, I had a long time patient come in with searing sciatica. I want to check up on her later this afternoon. So, immediately after her appointment, when it was fresh on my mind, I wrote a text to check her status and scheduled it for 4 pm today.

Online Scheduling Calendar

I cannot express enough how important it is to have an online calendar for you and your patients to use.

I use Acuity Scheduling and control exactly what happens every day in my practice. In a nutshell:
→ I allow patients to make and reschedule appointments online but they cannot cancel without calling the office
→ I require all new patient appointments be paid in full when booking online
→ Patients get email AND text confirmations when booking and reminders the day before and the day of their appointments. (Totally Customizable)
→ Patients fill out NP questionnaire when booking
→ I fill out SOAP notes right on the calendar
→ It’s Hipaa compliant
→ I keep their encrypted credit card on file for everyone’s convenience
→ I can control when certain appointments can occur , i.e. New Patient appointments occur only a certain time of day or massage is only available on Tuesdays, etc.

There is so much more, I can’t possibly do it justice. Check it out for yourself

Social Media Post Management

On a recent one of our group calls in the Premier Pregnancy Practice we talked about time management, specifically NOT wasting time on social media.

I shared that I use SmarterQueue. It’s a social media post management tool that boosts engagement by 10x and saves you hours each week.

You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, all from the same app. It saves SO MUCH TIME!

Click here to get a free trial.

Hosting Online Courses

If you’re in the Premier Pregnancy Practice, taken one of my courses online, or if you’ve watched a free course, then you’ve seen just how great Course Craft is.

Their platform is SUPER easy to use and their customer service is something that legends are made of. Really.

You have so much flexibility in what you can do, it couldn’t be any better. PLUS, there are no fees. You bill for your course, they keep a percentage and send the rest right to your bank account.

There is also the option of paying a set fee every month instead of the percentage. Do the math to see which option is better for you.

If you have courses with no place to host them – look no further. This is the place. Check them out.

Newsletters, Landing Pages, and Autoresponders

Years ago when the internet was new, I received a newsletter from Mark Victor Hansen. I noticed that he used Constant Contact as his provider. I looked into and figured if it was good enough for him, it was definitely good enough for me. And I was right. I have been with them ever since.

They have grown and added so many things, it’s not just for newsletters anymore. Autoresponders, surveys, Landing pages, events, and more are all in one place.

Check them out for free. If you decide to purchase, you’ll a $75 credit on your account. You have nothing to lose!

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